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Massive work on screens, visual pollution, stress …

Visual fatigue is the daily reality of many people working on screen

The increasing number of screening (computers, phones, television...) dramatically impacts vision and provides more fatigue.

If you spend more than 3 hours per day in front of screens you are in the category of risk of chronic eye strain.


Symptoms of visual stress:


Myopia, hypermetropia, presbyopia, astigmatism, chronic eye fatigue, headaches, typing errors, mismatching of characters, red eyes, dry eyes, orthoptist's sessions…

Regain visual comfort!


By preserving your eye health or that of your employees, it is possible today to increase your work performance through the reduction of associated disorders.​


With adequate eye care you will increase your ability to work in front of screens and you will be more comfortable at your workspace and daily life.

Less fatigue = more concentration and productivity

Our solutions:

As a graduate optician in France, Ksenia Jarnova transmits eye care gestures and eyestrain prevention to companies and individuals.

She also conducts numerous conferences and organizes collective workshops in Europe.

Take care of your employees

RADIO MONACOL'hygiène oculaire : préservez vos yeux
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RADIO MONACOYour EyeZ App: prenez soin de vos yeux !
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France Bleu

France Bleu

MonacoLife - Covid and excess eye strain

MonacoLife - Covid and excess eye strain

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Translated from French: "After one week of practice we can feel the eyes comfort improve and that we “manage” better our eyesight…  On a second week, eyes practices start to become a part of our daily routine… At the end of the third week we feel our eyes demanding to continue with eye practices … I took off my glasses, at the third week, event before the last session! "


 Translated from French: “Ksenia, you’ve helped me to take off my grasses with prisms… I have put a side three generations of glasses in 4 weeks’ time… Overall a better visual comfort and lots of interesting information about eyesight and its impact on our life style…”


Translated from French: "Un stage agréable et ludique dont on aime beaucoup! Beaucoup d’outils sont mise à notre disposition pour travailler sur notre vue ! "


Translated from French: “Life changing experience! It gives hope to recover eyesight and this is priceless! I managed to get rid of my bifocals in two moths’ time…”


Translated from French:

"Dear Ksenia,

I have loved a lot your workshop…  You give all information about vision with such a passion, all practices are interesting and easy to do alone, at the end with very little time needed per day.

Even at work most of the practices can be done and included smoothly in a daily routine.

I’ve made myself my little eye work out and try to practice every day … I don’t need my reading glasses anymore! I’m very happy that I met you! Thank you very much!"




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Contact us for more information, we will find together a formula most suited to your needs.

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