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Who am I ?

From optics to sustainable vision care
Ksenia Jarnova, expert of eye care for the corporate environment, optician & optometrist graduated in France since 2004.
My approach
  • Conferences:
I hold numerous conferences and organize collective workshops in Europe.
  • Training for B2B and B2C:


I help to improve the visual comfort thanks to a unique methodology, developed and validated during my career.

Solution: Alternative Vision

Alternative Vision is a 100% natural approach, validated methodology that preserves your VISUAL ACUTY on a long term.

By investing few minutes per day, you will boost your productivity and your performances at work and private life.

Fast and long lasting solution for optimal visual comfort.

Results: Alternative Vision
Ksenia, offers an interactive, game-like pedagogy oriented to solutions and actions for private clients or companies at their convenience.

Training is available to everyone and helps:

  • Prevent the eyestrain

  • Preserve eyesight

  • Potential improvement of eyesight

  • Increase the concentration, efficiency and productivity

  • Reduce work accidents and professional illnesses

  • Gain pleasure with working in front of screens and bigger amounts of documents

  • Happier work environment

  • Satisfied and healthy staff

My Approach

Our Interventions

Group Workshops of Well-being at Workspace


The extended hours in front of screens, overuse of eyes in close vision, the lack of eye care and unawareness of how to use properly screens in order not to harm vision are at the origin of a large part of diagnosed disorders of vision.

How businesses can boost the productivity of its HUMAN CAPITAL?

With our workshops in TEAM BUILDING, we customize our programs according to the needs of the company, its business sector and the needs of participants.

The approach is game-like and practical.

This program can be adapted to your pace and schedule.

Number of participants: minimum 5, maximum 12 persons

Location: Intra or Inter-organisation

Mode: Offline or Online (Webinar option available)

Languages: French, English, Russian

Rates: On demand





Individual Consultations

The program is divided into 3 consultations of 1 hour each.

This program can be adapted to your pace and schedule.

Location: at your home or webinar option

Languages: French, English, Russian

Rates: On demand

You can maintain and improve your vision, on a daily basis, in full consciousness.



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